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Company is a BURATTI TEKNOFORME industrial division which was exclusively created to plan, develop and carry out specific environments for smokers in accordance with the recent Italian and foreign regulations for the "protection of non-smokers' health".


SMOKER has a producing structure of 4000 square metres in an area of more than 9000 square metres. It is modernly equipped to guarantee a self-producing of all SMOKER System products. The producing process begins with an internal planning through an AutoCAD system interfaced to the production itself up to the final preparation, the transporting and the assembling of the products at the final customer's seat. We make meticulous and detailed checks during the whole producing cycle in order to ensure the highest quality level. An efficient post-sale assistance service is always at our customers' disposal.

SMOKER division was born in 2001 in order to develop environments which should let smokers satisfy their specific needs and which should respect in the meantime non-smokers' requirements.

The SMOKER System programme was born thanks to our searching and development which in the space of two years had also been supported by external consultants.